Keyboard Shortcuts

Pressing the ? key anywhere in the application will bring up a short cut menu that shows you what keyboard actions can be used in that context.

Some examples include

j/k to navigate up and down items in the list (highlighted by the blue bar to the left)
i Inserts a new Item below the current one.
s Inserts a new Section below the current item.
a and then t Adds Text evidence to an item.
Shift + s Save the Template.
Shift + x Save & Close Template.
Shift + c Close the template (without saving).

Pasting Items into the editor

In the template editor you do not need to manually type in entries one by one.

You can paste a list of items into a section straight from your clip board.

These Items can then be edited or have further evidence or help added to them like any other entry.

Cut and Paste