Preparing for effective workflow Checklist

Use this checklist template to help eliminate some common causes of distraction when you are looking to do work that matters.

How often should this be used?
Whenever you are looking to remove distractions for getting serious work done.

Developed from this blog post by Davide Margin

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Preparing for effective workflow

Environment Checks

Instrumental music or white noise available.
Only if the room you are in is noisy.
Plenty of bright light.
Plenty of fresh air.
Bottle of water / cup of tea on the desk.
Pomodoro timer on the desk.

Distraction Checks

Phone notifications turned off.
Computer notifications turned off.
No computer on the desk unless necessary.
Put it 20 seconds away.
No phone on the desk unless necessary.
Put it 20 seconds away.
The people around know that I don’t want to be disturbed.
Tell them you will get back to them once you’re done.

Work Schedule

Have decided when you will stop working.
Have decided when you will take breaks.
Have decided in detail what you will be working on.
Use time boxing to manage your tasks
Outline the task you will be working on.

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