Meeting Preparation Checklist

Humans love to gather. It is community. We also like to tell people stories - even if it's not always the best way to get across fact based information. There is something about sharing information in person that helps us feel better about the process.  Not formalizing your meeting processes as you grow may lead to a huge waste of time and loss for your business.  Use this general run sheet for successful meeting preparation to keep your meetings effective.

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Meeting Preparation

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Identify the purpose of the meeting
Ensure you really need a meeting
Develop a preliminary agenda
Select the right participants and assign roles
Decide where and when to hold the meeting
Confirm availability of the space
Send invitations
Send preliminary agenda to key participants and stake holders
Send pre-reading or requests which require advance preparation
Follow up in person, if appropriate
Choose the decision making process for the meeting (majority vote, group consensus or leader’s choice)
Decision making process
Identify, arrange and test any required equipment
Finalize and distribute the agenda to all participants
Verify that all key participants will attend and know their role
Prepare yourself (draft presentations, printed handouts etc.)
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